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Autobiography (2)

I can never say all that I owe to Samuel

The pleasure was mutual

Book (122)

Unfulfilled need for closeness and tenderness

He was very different from the pedosexuals on the internet

A full sexual expression of real feelings

An overwhelming, beautiful thing

I felt a lot of guilt because I was supposed to testify in court

On the farm

They made love for hours

Jorge Gonzalez admits: First sex with 13

When A Boy Wants A Man

I never did anything I did not want to do

I felt this was very nice

I had a very good time with paedophiles

I knew I was different

I've always done what they say you shouldn't do

My First Love and the First Love I Lost

Report of a victim

Until the positive feelings end up being transformed into negative ones

He was very loving and caring

Do other kids react to it like I did?

The relationship was quite superficial

It seemed very natural

Yours, with all my Love, David xoxoxoxoxo (1,000,000 times)

He was a very loving, caring, considerate, romantic lover

I'm the living proof

Looking at the boats

Not everything that is punishable is criminal

Even then, he had no shame

I used to get him to do risky things

Intergenerational sex saved my life

It's high time that people come to their senses

One rainy afternoon

He felt he had control over the man

It built his personality

Yes, do it

The Private Tutor

Camping trip

Loved and in love

Diligent about safe sex

It's a shame that you can only look back with regret

A family friend

Best sex I’ve ever had

He asked if I had a girlfriend

He had a real thing for redheads like me

He later felt cheap because it was a stranger

He wanted youth and I wanted age!

He was a complete stranger

He was like an older brother to me

I felt a little used

I knew I was gay before

I met him through friends at the lake

I practically had to force sex on him

I said ‘yes’ so we got off on each other

I was pleased, glad, and scared

I was thoroughly infatuated with him

It was with a stranger

No one ever suspected us because he was a drag queen

Rebellion was my motivation

So I let him take the lead...

The man was a boy scout leader

We met at a floral shop

We met at a shopping mall

We were in love and it was a very affectionate relationship

We were in same tent

I liked him

A childhood full of curiosity

For my son, he's the best friend

I and especially Josef need support

I find it stupid that these things are punished with jail

I kissed him in the pub

Love means a lot to me

No Way Out

Violence from the parents, affection from a stranger

We loved each other as everyone loves

Bars in front of the window

For The First Time in My Life I Felt Wanted

He Makes Me Glad I'm Gay

I love him and I know that he loves me

I Need My Lovers

It Was Me Who Started It

Man, What a Feeling!

Sex is really beautiful with my friend

Such a Relationship is Very Beneficial

Thank God for Boy-Lovers

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

We Should Be Able to Have the Relationships We Want

Without guys like Mark, I would probably be dead today

Today I would be labeled a sexually abused child

A Gay Man Speaks Out

For a lost soldier

Boxing instructor

I was not molested. I was loved and I feel I am better for it.

It Shouldn't Be a Crime to Make Love

"Air Guitar"

My parents found out and prohibited me from seeing him

Boys Help Men, Too

De la Boca Chiquito

Björn cannot imagine ever having sex with another man

Children choose their own relationships

For children it is probably very nice to have such a friend

My gratitude towards him keeps growing with every year

Yes, I'm a pedophile

You have to be careful with relationships

What I'm doing is very good

He understands me a lot better than my own mother

To have sex with men? It's not just fun - it's wonderful!

We started with this great kingdom

We were two people in perfect harmony

He didn’t have to drag me there

I was more in tune with myself after that

A psychological test did not reveal anything remarkable

Turning point

Who is to say that I could not consent to it just because I was 10?

I knew that I was doing something that I was not supposed to

The attic and the waiter

I don't believe that my desire is stronger now

I love you

Yard Work

Full with desire and love

I wanted more!

Lots of love

Sexuality is desirable, or even necessary, at any age

He knew exactly what he wanted but not how to go about getting it

documentary (1)

And boy, the fun I had

Internet-Forum (2)

I was in no way traumatized

The naked play

Magazine (25)

I've known since I was very young that I please homosexuals

I pulled off my little game with him

Not always bad for boys

A friendship that continues to this day

Sex at the candy store

More than they would like to

These men were lucky

A priest on his knees

He didn't do me any harm

I was not traumatized

Why should we be treated like criminals?

Sex is wonderful in any form

I Don't Understand Why This Is Not Allowed

I was ridiculed by my peers and constantly degraded

It gave me an advantage over my peers

Am I the only one?

He took me seriously for who I was

I thought it was against the law to be gay!

Loving Men - An Interview with Mark Moffett

I always had the feeling that I was doing something wrong

I always looked forward to Wednesday afternoons

I just could not see the problem

I was not troubled in the least

It was not a normal situation

The initiative always came from me

movie (1)

He was probably a paedophile!

Newsletter (1)

They amused me far more than the average geography teacher

newspaper (6)

You're supposed to call it abus

I’m still grateful he initiated me in the most loving way

Let's not stage a witch hunt now

I am not a victim. I was a willing participant.

He is stating that he was not raped

News coverage about 'pedophilia' is way too negative

Panel (1)

In memorial to Matt, I offer you my love

radio station (1)

So he just wanted to have sex. And in a sense, maybe, I guess I lucked out.

scientific article (1)

How did a 5-year-old know?

scientific journal (8)

You were my tin god and even now you are

He became a second father figure

After all, I have to live in this society

I went to see him, simply because I liked him

In the beginning my mother was shocked

He would have approved a similar relationship for his sons

An industrial representative

He was overtly hedonistic about sex

scientific study (4)