Man, What a Feeling!

A Californian hustler writes to NAMBLA to report on his relationship with his lover and men in general.

This report is from the publication ‘Boys speak out!’ by the American pedophile organization NAMBLA.

Source: Boys speak out on man/boy love; NAMBLA; fourth (enlarged and expanded) edition; July 1996

Man, What a Feeling!

I am 14 years old, grew up in the Bronx, New York, and have been hustling my buns since I was nine years old.

Boy-lovers have always been nice to me. It is the straight dudes who are married that have a royal freak-out after they have sex with a boy, and then they treat you like shit.

I travel all over with my new lover. He took me to California in January, and we got to go to all the beaches. My parents don’t give shit about me – never have – but they like the money that I send home.

Sure I love the sex part, and it is usually me who gets it started. We just enjoy jacking each other off – or I will lay on top of him so he can get his dick under my balls, and we hump like crazy. Man, what a feeling! We always practice safe sex. I sometimes can’t get enough sex, so we are always sexing it up. I like to suck my lover’s dick until he comes, but not in my mouth. I catch his cum in my hand and make him jack me off with it. Boy-lovers, keep on loving us young dudes.