Sex is wonderful in any form

A letter to the US pedophile organization NAMBLA, which was published in the 1991 Nambla Bulletin. George reports about his experiences with his uncle when he was 11 years old.

Source: Incoming letter by George (British Columbia); Nambla Bulletin, vol. 12, no. 8, October 1991


Just saw your ad (at last!) in the July issue of the gay paper Angles here in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve wanted to contact NAMBLA for a number of years.

Your advocacy of consensual relationships between men and boys is one I share with enthusiasm, and I know from experience that there are many willing young boys who genuinely enjoy intimate sexual contact with gentle, considerate men. To deny these boys, and their partners, the freedom to share their affection for one another, and prevent them from providing mutual pleasure, seems to me to be an outrageous attack on their basic humanity.

The current psycho-babble concerning sexual relationships of every kind clearly signals to me an unfortunate trend in ultraconservative thinking. Murder, assault, theft, and mayhem are regarded as quite acceptable activities, portrayed in depressingly large doses as entertainment in film, TV, and literature. But consensual relations for mutual pleasure and affection are declared to be dirty, immoral, and devastatingly damaging to the participants.

We’ve seen a recent upsurge in this kind of stupidity here in Canada, as you may be aware, and a steady stream of stories now fill our media about priests, doctors, school teachers, etc., who are having sex with boys. I don’t think that there has been one single incident in which the complainant was one of the boys involved at the time, and in many instances, it required extensive coaching from obviously manipulative psychiatrists to convince the boys to make damaging statements against the men. It’s clear that plenty of man/boy sex does indeed go on, but to label it as always harmful seems to me to be a figment of the zealot’s imagination. Of course, rape and forcible sex in any form is unacceptable, and is not usually sexually motivated anyway.

My own introduction into man/boy love was at the age of 11 with my uncle, who was a kind, gentle, middle-aged guy with much experience. He taught me that sex is wonderful in any form, and that it is in giving and receiving pleasure with no avaricious motives that makes us essentially human. “Sex purely for procreation does not elevate us much above barnyard animals,” he used to say, “but the uninhibited enjoyment of our sexual organs, and the many ways we can pleasure one another certainly does.”

My uncle said that it was no accident that even extremely young boys get erections and experience sexual arousal and climaxes, or that it is quite possible for a man and a boy to enjoy virtually any form of sex, including anal intercourse, if care and patience are used.

The ancient Greeks endorsed sex between men and boys and joyfully practiced it. It’s interesting that ancient Greece was the cradle of democracy, that Greek philosophy is the model for many of our modern Western ethics, and that many of the words used to describe love and sex are of Greek origin.

I’m sure that those guys knew a good thing when they saw it, and judging from the art they produced, they used to really enjoy themselves.

I am very enthusiastic about joining a group which endorses and advocates love between men and consenting boys.

Sincerely, George British Columbia