Reports grouped by the thopics they touch.
The size of a word indicates how frequently it occurres over all reports in relation to the other tags.
abuse admiration adoption adult affection age of consent alcohol altar boy Argentina Armut art attic authorities ban baseball beach bedwetting bike trip bisexual boarding school book store boredom boxing boy protects man boy scouts boys' choir boyscouts war brother bullying bum camp camp counselor camping candy catholic cheap childen's rights children's home church cinema classified client coach coercion college coming-in coming-out compassion Computer confession Consent conservative conversations court case craving crime Cross-Dressing CSD cultural differences curiosity death of the man depression desire despair disadvantages disappointment discoveries discovery discrimination divorce doctor drag queen drugs education Eltern emancipation falsches Alter family father fear first orgasm first time floral shop foster children foster parents fotography friends friendship gay gay movement gay rights getting older girlfriend girls gossip grandfather grandparents grateful gratitude greece grief groping guilt hair half-orphan Handwerker handyman Harmfulness hedonism Herzschmerz hobbies homelessness homesick hustling identity illness incest independency initiation injustice inquisition insults intellectuality Intellektualität internet interveiw interview intitiative Janitor jealousy jelousy judiciary system kisses KTW Kurt Hartmann lake late bloomer latency period law lead letter liberal upbringing love lust marriage married Martijn masculinity massage masturbation media mentor Mentorschaft mentorship Michael Jackson military mobbing monastery monk mother moving music mutuality NAMBLA neglect neighbor nudism nudity opportunity orphan outsider own children parade parents party pedo-hunt pen friend pen pals permission philosophy photography playground playing doctor pocket money poems police political correctness politics pornography post-war postman poverty power prank precocious prejudice prep-school pride priest prison psychological problems puberty public punishability punishment pychiatry pychological test rape rebellion redhead relationship religion romance runaway sanctions sanktions satisfaction school Schuld secret seduction seduction by the boy self-confidence self-dependency self-determination separation sex education shopping mall siblings singer sleeping soccer society soldier sports stepfather stigma stranger studies subway suicidce suicide summer camp suppression supression surrogate father surrogate parents swimming pool teacher tenderness theater therapy threat toilet touching tourism transgression trauma travel travels trust TV uncle undies upbringing vacation Verantwortung Verführung durch den Jungen Verlangen victim vigilance violence waiter war work worship youth group youth work